The 17th annual Adelaide Critics Circle awards were presented by the Hon John Hill MP, former Minister for the Arts, at a ceremony at AC Arts, Light Square. Winners received cash prizes of up to $1000 and a gold-plated trophy, featuring Christine Pyman’s original design for the awards. The Awards were made possible by the generous support of Arts SA and the Independent Arts Foundation.

Group Award:

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra - cond. Arvo Volmer, Salome

Individual Award:

Paul Blackwell - actor, Vere (State Theatre Company of SA)

Emerging Artist Award:

Jordan Cowan - actor, The Dark Room (Flying Penguin/State Theatre Company of SA)

Independent Arts Foundation Award for Innovation:

Jason Sweeney - Stereopublic (Adelaide Festival)

Amateur Theatre - Group Award:

University of Adelaide Theatre Guild - Richard III

Amateur Theatre - Individual Award:

Megan Dansie - director, Richard III (University of Adelaide Theatre Guild)

Emerging Visual Artist:

Jessie Lumb

Lifetime Achievement Award:

Thomas Edmonds AM

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