Matt Byrne 2023

Matt Byrne

Producer, director, actor, writer, theatre reviewer, publicist

Matt Byrne passed away only weeks before his award. Matt was performing and directing in amateur theatre from the 1980s, and since creating MBM (Matt Byrne Media) in 1994, he produced over 110 seasons of shows up to 2020, directing most and appearing in many.

He produced numerous Australian or SA amateur premieres of major musicals. Matt regularly contributed to the Adelaide Fringe with his world premiere comic reviews with satirical titles such as Married At First Fight, Chunderbelly, and The Penis Principles.

He wrote theatre reviews for The Advertiser and The Messenger, and was a professional arts publicist and member of the Adelaide Critics Circle.

Imagine a composite of Benny Hill and Bob Hope, and you have Matt Byrne.

(d. 2021)

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