Pamela-Munt-and-Peter-Green.pngPeter Green and Pamela Munt

For more than 25 years, the Bakehouse Theatre, under the wise leadership of Peter Green (creative producer) and Pamela Munt (artistic director) was a place where theatre was devised and developed, where storytelling abounded, and where the voices of many were expressed and united, It was a place to discuss new ideas and to stimulate conversations about events occurring around the world, or to question the norms, and to provide an affordable venue in which the next generation of artists, technicians, and everyone else associated with putting a production on stage can hone their craft.

Peter Green discovered the old Red Shed theatre in the 1990s. He had returned from Sydney very keen to generate some new theatre, only to discover there were few such places and the only thing to do was to do it himself.

The theatre was in a terrible state, but with much support from friends, and some from Government, improvements were made and the Bakehouse Theatre was born. Even the loss of Government funding in 2006 didn’t dampen his spirit.

Pamela Munt found the Bakehouse almost by accident, when scouting for places to mount the Terry Pratchett works of her Unseen Theatre Company.

She has brought her own sensibilities to the task, bringing in young performance groups, Fringe ventures, and ultimately a number of impressive resident theatre companies that counted really seasoned professionals among their ranks.

The Bakehouse Theatre sadly closed in 2022 due to circumstances outside of its control. The theatre closed with an award winning production of A Streetcar Named Desire.


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