The 25th annual Adelaide Critics Circle awards were presented at a ceremony at the Goodwood Theatres & Studios on Monday 5 December 2022 at 6 pm. The winners, drawn from a field of nearly 80 nominations, received a framed certificate of achievement. The Awards were made possible by the support of the Independent Arts Foundation and the members of the Adelaide Critics Circle.


Individual Award – Amateur or Community Theatre

Adrian Barnes, actor, Festen (Red Phoenix Theatre)


Group Award – Amateur or Community Theatre

Red Phoenix Theatre, Festen


Individual Award – Professional Theatre

Stefanie Rossi, actor, for a body of work in 2022


Group Award – Professional Theatre

The 2022 Awards found joint winners in the category of Professional Theatre Group Award:

Feast Festival, Adelaide Festival State Opera of SA, Watershed: The Death of Dr Duncan

Bakehouse Theatre Company, A Streetcar Named Desire


Emerging Artist of the Year Award

Shawn Hui, pianist, for a body of work in 2022


Independent Arts Foundation Award for Innovation

Bowerbird Collective, Life on Lands Edge


Visual Arts Award

Jasmine Crisp


Lifetime Achievement Award

Peter Green and Pamela Munt

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